Traffic and Tracking Analysis

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of website data for purposes of understanding and optimizing website usage.

We’re always surprised at the number of businesses that have no idea how many people visit their website, what the most popular website pages are, or how even visitors are finding their website. Usually they say something like “I think somebody gets those reports but I don’t know who,,,and we never look at them”.

Well, these valuable statistics are absolutely critical to running an effective marketing website. You need analytics insights to be able to make the necessary changes to your website to continually improve marketing effectiveness and create a higher converting website.

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At New-Ride Design we insist that every website has analytics attached to it.

There are quite a few good free services (Google Analytics) that work just fine so cost should never be an issue. And we can help you make sense of the reports you get so you’ll always know what to look for and what needs attention.

We also offer services to do all this for you, notifying you of items that need attention, or we can manage the entire scope – it’s like having a team of analytics pros behind the scenes optimizing your website automatically.

If you’re not satisfied with your current website or want to start a website, let the professionals at New-Ride Design get you started in the right direction.

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