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A unique and identifiable symbol, association, name or trademark which serves to differentiate competing products or services.

Both a physical and emotional trigger to create a relationship between consumers and the product/service.

There’s no reason to start (or continue) presenting yourself poorly with a bad first impression.

It’s easy to miss the boat with branding and logo design.  Keep it simple, get the message across, start interest in your company immediately by letting people know what it is you do without confusing graphics and tricky names.  We’ll help you find some perspective based on your industry or idea, and get you looking your best.

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Make your mark

New-Ride will help you identify what differentiates you from your competitors, then offer design concepts to create your brand identity, or marketing initiative thumb-print. 

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If you’re not satisfied with your current website or want to start a website, let the professionals at New-Ride Design get you started in the right direction.

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