Consulting and Speaking

Consulting and Coaching

Business Consulting New Ride Design SEO Best business development ColoradoNew-Ride Design Group offers consulting to help your organization maximize its efficiency through market research, improved product/services design, the use of improved technology, streamlined operating procedures, and stronger exposure to your market. Using simple principles and our expertise, we design and help implement cost-effective solutions that can improve several areas of your organization.

Often specializing in solutions that make the best use of the resources you already have – often you can get excellent results by simply making better use of your existing processes or products or the way you work. The trick, of course, is knowing how to identify where improvements can be made — and this is one of the areas in which New-Ride Design excels.


Our successful approach helps:

    • Guide clients and help them identify priority tasks, where and when to focus, and how to DIY aspects of their marketing to save budget.
    • Empower individuals with the information needed to improve their job performance
    • Maximize the return on your investment in technology, processes, and individual knowledge
    • And more…

Our professional experience includes strategic planning, marketing, operations, technology, and training for a variety of organizations. We bring a critical and caring eye to your business practices and products/services, giving you the tools to improve in every area possible.

Consulting/Coaching with owner Jon Rottier:  $135/hr

Contact us today to schedule and learn more about how our experience can help yours.


Speaking Events

About the speaker, Jon Rottier:  Founded in 2006, New-Ride Design has been helping hundreds of small businesses make smarter decisions with their marketing – focusing in the right areas at the right times to protect time and budget as they grow.  Jon’s experience started in 1999 as the 6th guy in a startup software firm as Marketing Director, and helped grow the firm to over 150 FTE’s until being acquired by ORACLE. He has since continued to help small businesses grow and market themselves with New-Ride Design and OpenMedium.

Jon now provides speaking events that provide extraordinary value to attendees.  His speaking events are engaging, and provide decades of experience to help business owners/leadership quickly understand how digital marketing really works – according to their budget – and what can be done FREE for those who want to DIY.

Contact Jon for more information or to book him for an event.


Upcoming Speaking Events

“Take Control – Website and SEO Basics for Small Business”
Aurora Chamber of Commerce
February 15th, 2023
12:00pm – 4:00pm
Lunch and beverages provided

This half-day seminar will open your eyes to how digital marketing really works, and all the ways you can DIY improvements needed to help your budget!


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